Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Neighbour Aunty Surprised Me

Date - 20 Aug 2002

It happened when I was 20 years old. The Neighbour Family consists 4 members aunty, uncle and their 2 daughters- Shalu and Pihu (name changed). Aunty was 42 years old with heavy body structure. Shalu 21 years old with simple looks but Pihu was 18 years and was the most gorgeous among them.I fantasized about Pihu. 

But this story is not fucking of Pihu. This was my first encounter with any woman and she was aunty. I don’t have any bad intentions for aunty. But in durga pooja holiday my mom and father went to my nani’s place because she was not well. I was at home because I have to prepare for my Semester exams. My mom told to aunty that she should take care of me and left. I went to station to see off my parents and came back around 8 pm. there I found uncle’s brother has come with his 8 years old son. After dinner uncle told aunty to sleep with me in my house because I was alone. So I came with aunty in my home around 9. 30 pm. I told aunty to sleep and I started studying. After an hour aunty came and told me to sleep now and get up early in morning to study. I said ok. I went to sleep. 
Aunty was sleeping next to me.

 At mid night I woke up due to my junior was aching because I saw very erotic dream in which I was fucking a lady. I started to rub my junior. Suddenly I saw a rhythmic up and down of heavy mounds (42 d size) which was next to me. I started feeling tense and evil has got space in my mind. I slowly tried to touch her hair to confirm whether she is in deep sleep or not. I saw her face she was looking very beautiful. Then slowly I put my left palm on her stomach as I m in deep sleep. She did not respond. I got some courage and slowly moved my hand towards her breasts. When fingers touched her breasts I got one of the softest feeling of this world. 

I started to feel her breasts with my fingers. She was not responding then I put my hand in her kurta because she wore kurta and salwar. Slowly – slowly I moved my hand upper side when I touched her bra which was made by cotton cloth was very tight n hold her breasts tightly. I touched the cleavage of her mounds that was my first touch with her bare skin. It was so soft. My heat beat was so fast n I was feeling very hot. Suddenly she tried to move and immediately I pushed off my hand. She has taken move now her back was facing me. Still she was in deep sleep. I moved my hand inside her kurta and unhooked her bra. And started to feel her silky back skin. 

I massaged her back approx. 15 min then again she moved. I thought she got up. I immediately turned back and pretended in deep sleep. After 20 min I turned back towards her. Now she was lying on her back. I checked her by touch her hair but she was in deep sleep. N again I started my kinky game. This time I raised her kurta. I found there she has not hooked her bra and it was enough space for me to touch her breast fully. I slowly moved my palm inside her bra and started to feel her nipples. It was so erotic. I can not move further. And whole night I massaged her breasts. 

Next morning aunty called me for breakfast. I was afraid that she knows what I did in last night but she was looking normal but I was not able to face her. Whole day I thought abut it and I felt guilty. Aunty came with me after dinner again to sleep with me. This time she was wearing nighty. I was studying but after some time aunty called me up. She told me she is feeling bored . so let s chat with her. I said ok. Then she was asking abut my future plans and somehow conversation moved towards girlfriends. She asked me abut my gfs. 
I said I do not have as I am very shy to talk to girls. Now I was feeling relax and assured she has not know abut what happened last night . then suddenly she asked me whether I have touched any lady. I said no. then she told u r telling lie. Because yesterday whole night u played with my assets. I was shocked to hear this. I was feared n begged her plz do not tell this things to my parents. Then she told at only one condition.. I have to follow her instructions. I said ok. Then she told me unzip my lower. She wanted to feel my junior. Then undid my undie and saw my cock. She was stunned to see my 6 inch junior. She started to rub it. And I was feeling hot. It was great feeling. She started to jerk it. After 2-3 min I cummed in her hands because I was very excited. By that time I started to feel her breasts. She has also aroused. She took off her nighty herself. Now she standing naked in front of mine. 
She was not wearing anything under nightie. 

Seeing a naked woman my junior again raised up. Now I started to suck her nipples. It was so beautiful in dark brown colour. She started to moan and shouting Harder ………ohhhhhh ……mmmmmmm after listening this moan I m also excited. N moved towards her love hole. It was covered by thick forest. It was the first time when I saw love hole in real. It was looking very lovely. I put my first n mid finger inside her. And start finger fuck. After 30 secs she has started to flow. She had organsm. She was wet and hot and moaning. She shouted "put your's inside". She wants it. I was also hot. I tried to insert it and but failed. Then she show me the way to insert it. I put it mine there n push it. Now my junior was disappeared inside her. 
She started to move her hips and I m also started to pump. A rhythmic sound was blowing in the room. After some time she told that she is cumming and she cummed after few sec. I continued my pumpng n few min later I also cummed inside her and collapsed on her breasts. She was very happy and kissed me on my lips. And that night we tried 2 more times.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

College Days and the neighbour

That Date - June 2004
That Time - 12.30 AM

Now Date - Sep 2016

Now Time - 1.20 AM

One of thosedays when I was in B Tech final year in Bangalore was Studying.  My fatherhas in Service in Delhi. Somy mother and brother, lived with my father in Delhi. I live here and I'm homealone with his two friends had been kept. Because I do not have to be alone. Infront of my house there was a Family. Who had three daughters. The 2 elder girlswere married, only lived in the house was the small one. Her father was ingovernment service and were large enough to post. The little girl's name isRuchi. Which is 2 years older than me. Visually fine - is reasonable, fair,size is also good. Full figure and her figure is so cool; they look so goodwearing the sari. One day we leave and we were with three college friends said.My two friends in their - went home and I was left alone in the house. 3 dayshave passed this way and at night around 12 pm One day, there was the sound ofa loud bang. I was sleeping, got up and went to see burst, what happened? Goout and talk, that was because of in home electric short circuit. His house wasburned all the wiring. Ruchi's father told me, son bring someone Electrician fromsomewhere. The night was already in 12:30, where it was supposed to meetsomeone. I said, Uncle, I'm just some temporary make arrangements, because I aman electrical engineer. How was I to do, I knew it. I said yes and then theuncle of a connection from his home and gave her to the bedroom, which couldturn out the light only. Fan was not running. Fan was also burned in theshort-circuit. Uncle told me, son, I am going to sleep here. Sister interest totake your home. Without Fan he does not sleep. Not even his mother. I wasaccepted and came to my house with my sister as well. Because we lived theresince childhood and we were really good friends, so well over my sister's fatherhad confidence. Anyway, I and Ruchi were alone in my house, no one ever haddone nothing wrong. So here Beginning story. We are both at home, as well, andI quote Sister came well ... I am not sleepy.